PRU Restaurant

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“When I sit at the middle of the counter when the sun is going down and I see the water and the sky through the kitchen windows, I still get goosebumps.”

Jimmy Ophorst, Executive Chef and Co-Owner of PRU
PRU Restaurant

At the center of the house is PRU’s courtyard garden where edibles and aromatics grow. Like the panoramic view from the kitchen, the garden blurs the line between inside and outside, between nature and the house.

Even the house that PRU is located in plays a role in elevating the guests’ experience. The new PRU is located at the top of a short driveway that leads to a set of sleek white steps. At the top of the steps are a welcome room and lounge where guests have a drink and a bite and settle in. From there, one more flight of stairs leads to the live kitchen with a counter for ringside seating, tables for a more intimate experience just steps from the action and a 10-seat private dining room for guests who are looking for privacy and exclusivity.

36 Seats | 598M2

Your PRU

Chef Jimmy and his team are happy to welcome you to PRU for exclusive events, special celebrations or tailor-made functions. The Reserve is our ten-seater private dining room inside a modern wine cellar that counts over 200 prestigious labels.

The restaurant space, designed by a Phuket-based design studio, also embraces culture from outside the walls. Thai artists are featured throughout the restaurant, the furniture, crockery, and cutlery are all from Thai artisans and designers.

For an even more memorable event, the entire restaurant can be booked by special arrangement and all of your special requests catered to with care and attention.

Bespoke experiences are available upon request.

PRU Restaurant