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PRU takes its name from Phuket’s indigenous lore: a place where the wild forest meets the sea. At this confluence of land and water, the earth is verdant and nourishing, enlivening the local cuisine and stirring epicurean ambitions with newfound creativity. Inspired by the different eco-systems of Thailand, PRU at Trisara is pursuing our own culinary ambition – to elevate local ingredients to a new level. We use nature’s gifts from our own farm and do our part to give back, ensuring that life’s cycle continues to blossom and ripen.


From the beginning, we set out to plant what we could. It’s impossible to understand the value of a carrot or a beet if you don’t plant it and watch it grow. Did you know it takes four months for a seed to turn into a carrot? The soil, the air, the water, the insects, the birds, the farmer – all of these elements work together to bring a single carrot to your plate...

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In four months, anything can happen. Too much rain. Not enough rain. Insects eat through everything. Sometimes the variables work together beautifully. Sometimes it’s a collision course that ends in catastrophe – the whole crop dies. You cannot fully understand this unless you plant the seed and see it through.

We are very lucky to have Pru Jampa, our farm up the road, where we have an opportunity to put some of our ideas into practice. To experiment, make mistakes, learn and grow. But, we quickly realized that we need help. This is what led us to Phuket Farmers’ Club.

Jimmy, PRU Chef on PLANT.


Farming is about growing things, that is true. But, if a farmer is not committed to understand what his doing or why he does it, then he will not grow anything. Before PRU opened, the farm was a nursery for Trisara’s beautiful gardens. When PRU opened, we started to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers for the kitchen. At first, it was quite difficult...

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The soil on the farm is a bit sandy. I used modern ideas, like Zine sheets, to keep the soil moist and make the beds look nice; then I realised the Zine sheets ended up over-heating the soil. But, that just made the sandy soil even drier.

I come from rice farming family, so I understand a bit about rice paddies. Pru Jampa is completely different. I’m originally from Isaan, a province in northeastern Thailand. If you know anything about people from Isaan, you know we love a challenge. The idea of growing okra, mulberries, moringa, asparagus and winged beans in southern Thailand never occurred to me. Most people think it’s impossible. But, here we are, doing just that.

Taweesak, Pru Jampa Farm Manager on UNDERSTAND


We always wanted to create a place where we can encourage communities to learn and practice sustainability, to support artisan producers. Permaculture is a way of raising plants that relies on practical solutions—it’s collaborative and efficient. Modern farming isolates problems, throwing a chemical or synthetic solution. Permaculture is the opposite...

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We farm naturally and in balance with nature. When things go wrong, it means something within the natural system is out of balance. So, we experiment, shift, adjust and try to find the right path that brings us back to balance.

Raising a plant basically means you need to get from seed to maturity with as little damage as possible. Phuket is a paradise. It’s green and tropical. Great for holidays on the beach, but not so good for farming! This tiny island has more microclimates than you can imagine. The salty sea air, the misty hillsides, the monsoon winds, the coming and going of tides – they all affect the soil. Phuket has good topsoil, but when there is too much salt or rain, all bets are off. To raise anything, you start with the soil.

PRU Jampa Team on RAISE



Our meals tell a story, drawing out subtle and bold flavors from the herbs, flowers, plants and roots that grow wild in our garden, producing dishes that are both poetic and honest. Our culinary style is founded on Western tradition and influenced by the different eco-system our Chefs have visited.

In September, we will offer a six Courses Special Menu, to celebrate the 6 years of our restaurant. This dining experience includes the chef’s best dishes along this period.

Best of PRU 6,000++
Wine Cellar Selection pairing 6,000 ++
Non alcoholic pairing 2,000++

Cuisine Journey 5,000++

Please pre-order the vegetarian menu at least 24 hours in advance

Pru Stories


“I live nearby the mangroves in the forest of Phang Nga in the village called Thamapraw. I started my dream career as crab fisher since I was 7 years old. My house is located right at the best place to catch the crab.


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Jimmy, PRU Chef on PLANT. From the beginning, we set out to plant what we could. It’s impossible to understand the value of a carrot or a beet if you don’t plant it and watch it grow. Did you know it takes four months…


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Vegetables are often an afterthought, cast as a bit player, a side-dish on the culinary stage. Most of us pluck and choose the most tender parts of the vegetable, tossing the rest aside. For us, this becomes a challenge!


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At first, PRU started to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers for the kitchen at our Pru Jampa farm, and our focus was on sourcing ingredients mainly from Phuket, PhangNga and Krabi.
With the years, we have met wonderful farmers and producers in different parts of Thailand, and were amazed by the biodiversity of region. From there came our desire to pair locally sourced cuisine with lesser known ingredients found from the same ecological habitat, showcasing the restaurant’s commitment to sustainable cooking and innovative techniques. In 2020, we also launched a research and development team where we travel the regions foraging ingredients that will evolve the new concept each season.



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