Our Commitment, Our Community

At PRU, sustainability and community are givens that are inextricably intertwined.
“They are an integral part of what we do in our daily lives,” says Chef Jimmy.

PRU’s all-electric kitchen that avoids using fossil fuels will eventually draw on power generated from renewable energy like solar panels on the roof. For dishes that require grilling, the restaurant uses wood and its own charcoal.

Chef Jimmy is also very aware of the importance of supporting locals and embracing the local community at large. The new PRU introduces and uses artisanal products throughout the guest experience from the lounge chairs to the tiles used to the artwork decorating its walls, PRU highlights community crafted products in the same way that it has spotlighted Thai ingredients.
“Where we grow, they will grow, that is the best way I can help them.”

Whether it is supporting fishermen who fish sustainably or giving a boost to a young cacao farmer by guiding him crafting his produce, the restaurant’s experience helps artisans produce more and better products, doing what the restaurant can to take care of the whole community. And that includes supporting staff who want to spread their wings.
“I want the whole community to benefit from it, not just us.”

“It’s more like community-to-fork” says Chef Jimmy.

“I want people to experience that whatever we build here is something truly special. It’s something that is very close to my heart.”
PRU Restaurant - our team

Our Team

Jimmy Ophorst

The Executive Chef and Co-Owner of PRU, joined the Montara Hospitality Group long before
the original PRU saw the light of day. The Dutchman was behind the inception of Pru Jampa Farm that still supplies PRU and its sister restaurant JAMPA and he led the restaurant to winning one Michelin star at age 29, which it has held every year since 2018. With the new PRU, Chef Jimmy uses his creativity and talent to embrace
the resources and treasures of his adopted home in Phuket.

Florian Desportes
PRU’s Chef de Cuisine

Known to everyone as Flo, is from south of Lyon in France. His passion for food has taken him to restaurants in London, Scotland, Sydney, San Francisco and Taiwan.

One thing that Flo wants you to know about PRU: We have an amazing kitchen with a beautiful view behind us. It’s like theater.

Flo in his own words: I love to cook, I’m always talking about food, sometimes a little too much!

Alberto Marcon
PRU’s Restaurant General Manager

Got his start working summers at his uncle’s café in Belluno, about 100 kilometers north of Venice. After filling different positions in bars and restaurants around the world, he joined the opening team of the new PRU.

One thing that Alberto wants you to know about PRU: Chef Jimmy’s philosophy is about finding the value in a surprising range of Thai products.

Alberto in his own words: I do my best to be helpful and make everyone feel comfortable, including my team. I want to take the pressure off them so they can do their job.

Chalong Songkroh
Head Sommelier of PRU

Was named best sommelier in 2012. There aren’t many Thai sommeliers with Chalong’s experience and passion for learning. It’s about loving the food and the wine and always learning.

One thing Chalong wants you to know about PRU: Chef Jimmy always has something new, so it’s always challenging to select the right wines.

Chalong in his own words: I love sharing my knowledge of less obvious choices, like my discovery pairing that features wines from smaller producers in Austria and Portugal.

Saiphon Khanasa
Restaurant Manager at PRU

Has been with Chef Jimmy even before PRU opened its doors and is the living memory of the restaurant.

One thing Saiphon wants you to know about PRU: Chef Jimmy is happy to support local people using the best Thai ingredients.

Saiphon in her own words: I’m proud to have grown and improved together with Chef.

Jennifer Fredin
Guest Experience Manager at PRU

Oversees guest reservations, their arrival, their time under PRU’s roof until they leave and when they come back to visit again.

One thing Jennifer wants you to know about PRU: I’m proud of the level of service. We’re less formal but also very elegant. Our customers are guests in our home in our kitchen.

Jennifer in her own words: I’m very hard working but also very approachable. I’m here for our guests and for our team.

PRU Restaurant - local community

Pru Jampa Farm

Chef Jimmy created what is now the Pru Jampa Farm a decade ago to supply the restaurant with local produce that he was not able to find elsewhere. Built over a reclaimed tin mine, once Phuket’s main economic activity, the farm is a model of sustainability where an industrial site was converted into a pastoral green space. Pru Jampa gets its name from the local village it is located within, growing ingredients used by PRU, its sister restaurant JAMPA located next to the farm and TRISARA’s other food outlets. These days Chef Jimmy calls the farm a laboratory where he can experiment with new produce for his menu.

PRU Restaurant - ingredians

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